Naomi Crowther redefines the boundaries of stylised composition and painterly rhythm with her whimsical yet monumental artworks.  As a full time painter based on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, Naomi has had many successful solo and group shows from Bungendore to Brunei. Naomi has been a finalist in the Hills Grammar Art Prize and Canberra Art Prize, and was featured on Foxtel’s ‘Selling Houses Australia’ TV show.

“The greatest influence on my art is simply spending time each day in the natural world, revelling in the playful patterns of both the wild landscape and my own garden. I then emulate and stylise what I see and love, using a palette knife to apply luscious layers of thick paint. I then embellish the work with silver or copper leaf, often incorporating stencilled motifs for graphic affect. I take cues from nature, then interpret this onto canvas with a touch of subtle bling. I truly believe art should sing to your soul, it’s like walking into a home and knowing it’s simply meant to be.” - Naomi Crowther.